Earth Shoes Technology




New: Earth Powerpath® Footbed Design

Energize and uplift every step.

We seek only to enhance that natural movement and optimize feeling of vitality, freshness and strength throughout your day.

This is modern wellness fashion.

Original Earth Shoes Footbed

Padded Heel : Cushions each step for comfort.

Premium Leather Lining : Fully lined with glove-soft leather.

Arch Support: Provided gentle support and stability.

Firm Cushioning: Dense foam lower layer reduces shock.

Original Earth Kalso Shoe Wellness

Inspired by yoga and deeply rooted in the belief that wellness should be part of everyday living.

Our grounded heel sole design are still inspired by the mountain pose, just as originally created by Danish yoga instructor, Anne Kalso, in the 1970's.


Natural Revolution

We’re constantly on the move and need brands that fulfill our desire to live a vibrant life and help us thrive in an ever-evolving world. Constantly bouncing between work & play, creating & experiencing—Earth is here to not only help you look modern and stylish but also provide all-day support to be your best self. All while being mindful to ourselves, our planet and our choices.

Eco-Friendly Leather

Most of our leather products are tanned using a vegetable-tanning process. Unlike other tanning processes, vegetable-tanning does not contain harmful chemicals. It uses the tannic acids naturally found in plants such as tree barks, leaves and some fruits.

Responsible Packaging

We've standardized the production of our shoeboxes so that they never contain glues or staples. We also use a hinge style lid, which reduces the amount of cardboard needed to make each box.

Non-Toxic Adhesives

We use only water-based adhesives in our footwear, which is far less toxic to the air and people who work in footwear manufacturing, than traditional solvent and oil based alternatives.