On a mission to make life easier for ALL WOMEN to get on with their day and... Keep On Moving ~

A New Step Forward

With a legacy rooted in creating a simple solution to a universal need, the story of Easy Spirit has always been one of ingenuity and innovative thinking:

Seeing, understanding, and feelilng what women want - and always delivering on the promise of MAKING her everyday a little lighter, softer, and more importantly, EASIER.

Over the last 35 years Easy Spirit has evolved and so have women. Now, more than ever, she seeks comfort and convenience. She no longer wants the burden of fashion at the risk of discomfort. being comfortable in her own skin and making life easier is what matters most.

Is is a universal SPIRIT shared by women of all ages from all walks of life: the nurse saving lives, the senior getting on a bus, the mom juggling a thousand things.

Today, Easy Spirit continues its mission - we are MAKERS OF shoes and experiences that are all about making life EASY for all women. 

Because it all starts with her.